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Monday, April 2, 2012

Bodacious Batter Blasters

I only write about products or places when they completely blow me away. (See my previous post on The Red Elephant.) So when I say that Batter Blaster is bodacious, what I mean is it is the most awesome thing EVER!

We eat breakfast every Sunday night for supper. There is nothing better than breakfast at night. It is so yummy, and you secretly feel like you are breaking the rules by eating it at the wrong time of the day. We usually have eggs, bacon, grits (so sorry for you people who don't live in the South), and toast or pancakes. More often than not, we have toast, because it is so much easier and less messy than powder batter (that ends up everywhere), cracking eggs, spilling milk, and stirring and stirring and stirring to get all of the blasted lumps out!

So when I found a coupon for a new product called Batter Blaster, I was intrigued: intrigued and more than a little skeptical. I mean how good could pancakes be that came out of a can. But I had a coupon for $1.00 off one can, and they were BOGO at my favorite place ever, Publix. Seeing as  I was going to end up paying about $1 a can for 2 of them, I couldn't resist giving them a try.

I will NEVER buy another kind of pancake batter again. It is so easy! Shake it up, push the nozzle, and cook the pancake. No mess. No accidental salmonella poisoning. No wasted batter. No easier way to do it.

You store it in the refrigerator, and one can lasts my family of 5 through 3-4 meals. Not only are they easy but they are without a doubt the best pancake I have ever eaten. They rival my mother-in-law's from complete and total scratch version that I would never, ever make due to the fact that it is from...scratch (I's gots 3 kids up in here!).

As far as healthy, 2 pancakes have 80 calories and 1 gram of fat, and I can say all of the ingredients on the can, which is something that can not be said for many of the things in my cabinet! 

Try it or don't try it, but if you treasure your homemade from scratch pancakes you might want to avoid Batter Blaster because once you try it you just might not go back!

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