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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thank Goodness for Google

A couple of months ago, we came across a major milestone in my seven year old's life. She decided that she was ready to get her ears pierced. I am one of those people who think that piercing should be one of those special "coming of age" things in a child's life, so I waited until she asked about getting her ears pierced.

"What had happened though" was this...
She is part of a competition dance company, and  not only do they have a certain kind of costume, tights, shoes, and makeup to wear, but they also have a certain king of earrings. For the last year, she has worn clipons and has complained the whole time. Almost to the point of causing me to go into complete insanity! After an all day competition and all day complaining, we decided it was time.

 So with much trepidation we enter a Claire's store somewhere in Jacksonville, FL. She was so brave and did not cry at all. The same cannot be said for her mother, who was not at all ready for the cost of getting one's ears pierced to be close to $60!

She has been so responsible about cleaning her ears. Much more responsible than I ever was. I had to get my ears pieced 3 times because they always got infected and I would just let them grow up.

I thought that we were out of the woods when we reached the 6 week period. We bought a set of 4 sterling silver earrings, and my extremely organized daughter even set up a "rotation schedule" for wearing her earrings. However, the smooth sailing sunk last weekend.

She woke up Monday morning and told me that her earring had fallen out during the night. Upon closer inspection,  I shockingly found out that it was in fact still in but had been pushed back into the hole! Needless to say, a traumatic event incurred with much screaming and crying and pain and holding down.

As with everything, I immediately Googled to find out what to do. We tried everything but the only thing that truly worked was soaking her ear in a solution of 8 oz of warm water and 1 tablespoon of Sea Salt. It is supposed to draw out the infection, and with only one 5 minute soaking, her ear was amazingly better.

We repeated this everyday, twice a day for 3 days. We also cleaned her ear and earrings with Hydrogen Peroxide 3 times a day, and slathered it with Neosporin at night when we left the earrings out and then again before putting the earring back in each morning.

Five days out and it is oh so much better. Thank goodness for Google!

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