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of a working mother who is trying hard not to
let her whole existence be determined by her
cute little munchkins, yet continues to be drawn
in by the adorable and sometimes annoying tiny people!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Backyard Water Park

Every year, starting in May, the weekend rolls around and we pull out the Slip-n-Slides, sprinklers, and blow up pools. Our children are entertain for hours while we relax and enjoy some frozen beverages. We affectionately call it "The Redneck Water Park".

So when my oldest child turned 7 last year, we decided to put our weekend fun to good use. We threw a party at the "Backyard Water Park". It was so easy and the kids loved it!

First I started with the invite, which I pieced together with things I found online. All though I think I could have drawn it myself (maybe next year).

Then I started planning decorations. Banners, signs, streamers...

I even did a table with beach towels and sunscreen.

Next it was time for the food. We had pigs-in-a-blanket, sandwiches, sausage balls, pretzels sticks dipped in white chocolate, and cupcakes.

I made sponge balls using sponges from the Dollar Tree that I cut up and then put together using rubber bands. The kids had so much fun throwing them at each other. 

These are the best and only water guns I will ever buy. They are from the Dollar Tree and are so super awesome! We have had some fro a few years now. 

Instead of spending a ton of money on party favors I just for these water bottles from .... wait for it....The Dollar Tree and painted the kids names on them. Now they can use them and use them again!

After the set up and clean up, this party was so easy! The kids entertained themselves and we enjoyed their fun. Some of the parents even got involved with the fun!


Kathy Radigan said...

Liz that's just too cute! What a great idea for a party! I had always done parties at party places but for my daughters 8 birthday I did a tea party and I have to say it was so much fun! It's really true that with just a little planning you can come up with a home party that entertains and doesn't cost a fortune! Thanks for some great ideas!

eena said...

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Anonymous said...

What did you use to write the kids names on the water bottles to make it permanent? Was it a paint or form of a Sharpie?