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let her whole existence be determined by her
cute little munchkins, yet continues to be drawn
in by the adorable and sometimes annoying tiny people!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sleep Sweet Sleep

Has anyone ever noticed how hard it is to sleep when children are present in your household? I recently commented on a friend's Facebook status that she should sleep all that she could before she had her baby. I wasn't lying. You literally don't really sleep again for.....heck if I know how long. All I know is that any night you go to bed thinking, "Ooooooh I'll not only get to sleep tonight but get to sleep late." Some little munchkin some where is doing the "Heeeee, heeee, heeeee" laughing knowing very well that they will foil all plans of sleep.

It starts before they even leave the womb. The end of your pregnancy is probably the most uncomfortable you could ever be in your life. Not only has your body exploded in all places, but your bladder has been smushed like a lemon and is constantly leaking causing you to pee 10 times a night. Then there is the horrific heartburn and  heavy belly. Not to mention, the little monkey inside your belly that feels like being wide awake and participating in a prenatal gymnastics class while you are trying to sleep. I really think this last trimester is God's way of readying a new mother for what life will be like for the first few months after delivery: Sleepless!

Then you finally get your kids out of the baby stage, out of the eating every few hours time, and out of  not sleeping through the night, and you think, "Yes, now I can sleep!" ....Heeee, heee, heeeee! Did you hear it? The munchkin laughter. They are laughing because now they are potty training and getting up to pee pee in the middle of the night. Something they appear to not be able to do by themselves until the age of 6 or so. Or they might have night mares involving alligators or ponies or wicked old hags. Whatever the reason it will, I promise you, result in you feeling like an infant yourself. Why? Because you will never sleep all the way through the night again.

I am at my parent's house this weekend. Super excited about having someone else be in charge of my children and someone else cooking my food. Also, stupidly, I was super excited about the prospect of having a good night sleep. Alas, I forgot to listen for the "Heeee, heee, heeee" of munchkin laughter. For that is what they were doing through out the night that I thought I would sleep peacefully through. First the oldest, comes and climbs into bed with me where she proceeds to move and cough (hasn't coughed any time previously or any time since waking up) and move and cough and move and cough. Then there comes a cry from munchkin #2's room, "My bwankie is wone!!!!" Have no fear, mommy to the rescue and she finds the blankie....right beside the munchkin's hand. Then the oldest is up checking the time and to see if Papa is up yet. Not happening at 4:30, dear. Then the kid in my womb, who apparently is plotting with the other two using prenatal brain waves, causes me to get up twice to pee. Then the youngest suddenly has to go "poo poo" and needs me to "wipe her booty". Really? Really!

Finally, finally, praise God, Papa awakes and the munchkins descend to the downstairs area. Ahhhh! Sweet sleep. Finally!... "Heee, heee, heee". Did I forget to mention that we are apparently raising a cheerleader with munchkin #2, and she is able to project her voice so that it echoes not only through Mimi and Papa's house, but throughout any house in a 2 mile radius? Sorry neighbors. But hey that is the one disadvantage of having these loving, amazing, and funny kids. You must say good-bye to sleep sweet sleep for at least ..... heck if I know for how long! Let me know if you ever find out!

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