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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heaven Forbid if There is a Real Emergency

Picture it: Cairo...2011

I have just dropped my oldest off at dance (wow how nice it is when they are old enough to be dropped off!). The middle child and I are leaving and heading to our local dance shop to spend a small fortune to ready ourselves for our upcoming recital. I stop at the red light and wait. 

Finally, it turns green, but as I begin to push the gas pedal I notice a tiny puff of smoke come of the top of the transformer beside the red light. Needless to say, the red light went kaput. I proceeded forward by following the rule of four way stop, which any good driver learns about in driving class...or those of us who are not good drivers learn from almost wrecks or impending tickets!

Any who...I continue over the over pass that goes over the railroad tracks only to be met on the other side by another non working red light, but some of these drivers have obviously never taken driver's ed or gotten a ticket or almost gotten a wreck (although I see that happening in their future), because this red light was almost in pandemonium. By pandemonium, I clearly mean (seeing as we are in Cairo, GA) that there were four cars trying to figure out who should go and when. 

So after finally being getting through the stop light, I did what any good citizen and girl who loves drama would do: I dialed 911 to let them know about the power outage. Here is the conversation that followed:

Operator: Grady County 911
Me: Yes I wanted to report that the red lights on 5th street are not working

Operator: Red lights where?
Me: On fifth street
Operator: Where are you on fifth street
Me: I am at the over pass
Operator: Which over pass?
Me: (here is where I start worrying about our county's emergency system) The over pass on 5th 
****Let me interject at this point that there is only one, let me repeat, one over pass in all of Cairo.
Operator: Well...are you on east or west
Me: um....I don't know....I am on the over pass near the high school.
Operator: Which high school?
Me: (SERIOUSLY) Cairo High School (The only high school in Cairo!!!!!!!!)
Operator: Okay, we will dispatch someone
Me: Thank you

After leaving the store, I head home and come to where 5th street intersects with highway 84 (the major road in this small town), and there is still no one at the red lights! I do not blame the police...they probably couldn't figure out where they were being sent due to the lack of clear directions coming across the radio!

Now I am sorry if you are that 911 operator or if she is your sister or aunt or whoever but COME ON. What if I was injured? Or in a wreck? Or being robbed? Or on fire? Heaven forbid if there is a real emergency, because they will never be able to find me!!!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have told her that there were free donuts at the overpass on 5th....