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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And We're Off

So if you read my previous blog you know that the time has come for me to get serious about losing weight. My main motivation. . . fitting into my jeans. Every Friday is dress down day at school, and I can't dress down because my jeans won't zip even with the age old lying down and using pliers trick!! It has time for me to get serious about losing weight.

A few weeks ago I started monitoring what I eat. . . kind of. I have a hard time with sweets and things that are salty and bread . . . and . . . pretty much all food. I do love it so! But I, at least, started limiting my portions.

It is hard to train your stomach to eat less, especially when you have just finished being pregnant and are used to eating large portions. One of the most important ways I do this is by using a salad plate at meal times instead of a regular sized plate. This forces me to get smaller portions and even if I go back for seconds I still only end up eating what would have equaled a regular size plate. This way I almost feel like I am getting more to eat!

I am also trying to eat slower, which is definitely hard with a baby because you have to shove everything into your mouth just to make sure you have time to eat. I am also eating all of my vegetables before anything else in order to feel up on the items that are better for me. Two other things that are
proving successful:
1. Drink a full glass of water before I start to eat.

2. When I am finished with my plate and think I want more I drink another full glass of water. If I still want it then I get some more.

And finally I started exercising this week. This is a BIG deal! I hate to exercise. I mean absolutely despise it. I think people who love to exercise are stupid and just have some innate desire to torture themselves. I hate to sweat. I hate to get up earlier at 5:30 in the A.M. (which I have to do because of the kids). But most of all I HATE to do anything that is hard for me and makes me feel like I can't do it well, and exercise is soooooooo hard for me. Especially running which is the kind of exercise I must do in order to really do some damage to this flab.

So how is it going? Well I weighed in last Wednesday at 155.2. This morning before I weighed I felt quite certain I had gained weight. I mean, it just looked like it to me, but lo and behold I weighed in at 151.3. That is almost a four pound loss! I am pumped, inspired, and finally motivated. I am working and it is working. "And We're Off" (as they say) on this adventure to a healthier, thinner, toner, and happier me, who can fit in her jeans again!!


jessicaclarke said...

Congrats, good luck I hate exercising and have been doing it for a few weeks now

Kathy said...

That's great! I have been trying to loose my baby weight, and my baby is 6!! I like the idea of drinking water before and then after you eat, I will try that!! I love the new look for the blog, really great!!! Good luck with the exercise, I have a love hate relationship with it myself!! Take care!!

Kim Bee said...

Omg I actually made my daughter who I refer to as the warden on mine, stop watching tv so I could read her the exercise part. I cannot stop laughing. "I think people who like to exercise are stupid." I honestly cannot stop laughing. Great job on the pounds lost. You beat me, I only lost 3 last week.

Liz said...

Kim-I am still laughing at your comment!

*^_^* said...

Wonderful! Congrats!
We all are always here to support you!

About A Mom said...

Great job with the weight loss. I am really having trouble getting motivated lately. Thanks for linking up and sharing the Wild Wednesday Hop! I am following GFC. Have a super weekend!

Tera said...

Good for you! I need to get motivated myself. Following back from Tera's Tips!