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of a working mother who is trying hard not to
let her whole existence be determined by her
cute little munchkins, yet continues to be drawn
in by the adorable and sometimes annoying tiny people!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

30 Day Mom Challenge

Some days I am lazy. Granted given my recovery those days have been quite frequent lately. In fact, yesterday I realized I had not tucked my children into their beds in over a week. That is AWFUL! I know I just had 2 organs removed, but there is no excuse for this! How long will it be before I am crying because they don't want me to love on them or because their bed is no longer in my house but off at college some where. Needless to say, I went to bed feeling very guilty and did not miss the opportunity and privilege of tucking my darlings into their beds tonight.

So as I was perusing my latest addiction of Pinterest today, I found the 30 Day Mom Challenge from imom.com Not sure when they posted it but it was definitely pinned today for ME!The way it works is whatever day of the month it is you start on that day and just continue on until you have completed all 30 challenges. What I question now is...why is it considered a challenge? Is it because it is hard to love our kids? Is it because it is hard to focus on our munchkins with all of the craziness in our lives? More likely, I think, it is a challenge because it is just hard to remember to each thing on each day. I am going to print it out and put it on my fridge. I will get back to you in 30 days to let you know how it went!


Ali said...

That is super! Thank you for sharing. Also, I hope that your recovery is healthy and quick (infection free) and that your life is improved because of this procedure...holy cow I can't believe you had such major surgery!!! Also, you look amazing! Well done!!! Happy New Year!

Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass said...

Wow, what a list! Thanks for sharing this... I know I need to work on a few things on this list, too. I might just have to take the challenge myself. :)

Becky Jane said...

This is my favorite 30 Day Challenge I've seen! Our kids are too priceless to limit it to just 30 days...this would make a good year long challenge/blessing!

Thanks for sharing this. I'm taking it to heart and adding this to my day!