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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I am So Glad We are Rushed

A few weeks ago, my husband and I got into one of those silent, but so mad, but not talking about it, but so frustrating, but can't let the other one know you are so mad that you could scream and tear all of your hair out...discussions.

I had noticed that he was constantly in a bad mood on Sunday. He wasn't grumpy or yelling or mean. He was just not very happy and stayed quiet most of the day. When I asked him what was wrong, he pulled "the girl card" and said "nothing". I swear he uses that card more than I do. Maybe it is because I am so unbelievably tired and stressed that I don't have time for games and if I am mad about something, by goodness you are going to know it!

Anyway, I finally got it out of him and then quickly wished I had not. He said that he was in a bad mood every Sunday, because he did not like going to Sunday School (pause before you think badly of him and wait for the rest of it). Then he left and went to a football meeting. And needless to say I fumed and obsessed over his statement all day long.

 When he got back and after we put the kids to bed, I asked him Why? I mean in my head I was thinking that if he didn't want to go to church then that was it...it was a deal breaker....and why had it taken almost 12 years of marriage for my to see this side of him?
Alas, my crazy, obsessive, "snake's in the head" mind had made it totally into something that it wasn't. The truth was...he didn't like going to Sunday School not because he didn't like Sunday School and by extension (in my crazy head) God, but because of how rushed we were. It stressed him out, made him feel out of control. We got up at 7:30 ate breakfast, got three kids and ourselves ready, made it to Sunday School usually late, went to church and battle kids to sit still and behave, gathered everyone up to get in the car, went to Wal-Mart (only day there is time), rushed home to prepare and eat lunch, clean up and started the endless laundrey, and then he left at 1:30 for his weekly football coaches meeting. 

Okay....I can see where he is coming from. Just typing that made me tired and feel like my chest was closing in on me. I completely empathized with him. I totally get it! I do....But then I stopped and thought about why we are so rushed.

We are rushed because we have been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters.
We are rushed because those 3 beautiful children are completely healthy and active.
We are rushed because those 3 beautiful children are 3 beautiful dancers who are good enough to be on the competition team.
We are rushed because we have good jobs.
We are rushed because we have good jobs that pay good money that allow us the ability to take weekly trips to Wal-Mart to fill our pantry.
We are rushed because we are lucky enough to live in the great country of the United States of America where we are free to worship our Great God.

Yes we are rushed, but I am So Glad We are Rushed. We are truly blessed beyond measure!

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