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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Failing as a Parent

There are times where I really feel like I am failing as a parent. One of those times would be right now, at this exact moment, as I sit on the couch typing this blog and surfing Pinterest while my girls play Wii instead of being in Sunday School.

We are really not consistent about going to church. Part of the reason is that we have a baby who is in daycare all day long and the thought of leaving her in the nursery for a couple of hours every Sunday instead of spending time with her breaks my heart. Another reason is that it totally messes up her schedule for the day because she doesn't take a morning nap when we go to church.

Another reason is that in the 7 years we have lived here we have yet to find a church home. We have kind of hopped around from church to church trying each one on to see if it fits. Yet, we seem to find fault with each one.

The truth is...perhaps the fault is with us. In fact, there is no PERHAPS to it. The fault definitely is with us. All of our reasons above are just excuses. Excuses for not doing something that should be as natural as breathing. But because it takes a little effort we make excuses for why we shouldn't go to church.

This week's excuse...we lost an hour and got up late. Well, truth be told no one got up late but me. I slept until the new 9 which was the old 8. Even with the sleeping, though, we could have totally made it to church on time.

This is definitely something we must work on! I want my children to love God. I want them to turn to Him in there times of strife and to trust Him. Most importantly I want Him to live in their hearts and to bless them and keep them safe.

Amazingly, despite our failures as parents, they love Him so much. Their prayers are so precious. And they are constantly talking about God living in their hearts. He is GREAT despite our failures as parents.

Even though we fail to go to church on a consistent basis, I do try to help my children grow in Him. We pray every night before bed and on the way to school. When discussing problems we talk about what Jesus would do, and I try to help integrate Bible verses into our daily lives.

I have been wanting for a long time to do a bible verse a week, and help them to memorize it and apply it to their daily lives. Alas, work, home, babies, laundry...basically excuses have gotten in the way. I have not made it a priority. But today when I was Pinning things instead of being at church I came across ABC bible verses.

This mother did what I have been wanting to do for sometime but have not made a priority. She created one memory verse for each week. She also incorporated into the letters of the alphabet. They are free, so go download them at www.icanteachmychild.com These cards can help fill in the gaps where I fail getting my kids to church and Sunday School.

I promise we are going to get better about going to church. Even though there are many things I am Failing as a Parent, going to church should not be one of them. It is our duty to raise Godly children, and it feels OH SO GOOD! Next week for sure....


Kathy Radigan said...

Church has been a struggle for us as well. And you are right, it is one thing that as parents and a family you just have to commit to. I love the idea of going to church but I have to say that by the time we have gotten everyone ready and dealt with all the special needs we all have by the time I get to church I'm feeling anything but in the right space to pray and commune with God. I love your idea of Bible verses, or simple prayers you can do with your children each week. Thanks for a great post! And, for what it's worth, I think you are a great parent!!

Emily Tone said...

Wow! What an open and honest blog! So many women and families are in your same situation. We were the same way until we had Jordan. She is what actually brought us back to Jesus and church! We would come up with excuses...we work so hard during the week, we can't find a church, we'll watch it on TV etc...but one day, I was driving with Jordan in the back listening to my regular country stations and realized this is not what I want for my daughter. I immediately found a Christian station and haven't looked back since. God led us to a church home in Fernandina (we live 30 minutes away) but it is such an awesome place and KNOW God has used it to change our lives! Don't allow Satan to continue to provide excuses! Turn to the Father and let Him lead you to the church home He would call you to! In the mean time, keeping doing what you're doing...prayer and staying in the word! Everything else will fall into place because along with Jesus, we need fellowship with other believers! I pray God will lead you to a church family!

KBass said...

Liz, you are definitely NOT alone in this! I struggled with this same issue up until Ava was born and we visited almost every church in town before deciding which one we were going to join. Not going to church doesn't mean you are failing as a parent by any means, but I remember feeling the same way that you do. He will lead you guys to the right one. I will be praying for you!