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Monday, June 11, 2012

Orderly Organization

This summer is all about organization for my home, my classroom...my life.

writing center?
I am completely redoing my classroom. Check out my Pinterest board on my new theme. I have cleaned out, decluttered, and deposited tons of "junk" into the trash. I am excited about getting organized for the upcoming year. My most important year since I will be teaching my daughter and my niece in the fall!

Six Easy Steps to Re-Organizing your Linen CupboardI am also "planning" on doing some major organizing in my home. I have a Pinterest board completely dedicated to getting organized. There are so many great ideas out there. I know that getting organizzed can make our hectic lives a little less stressful! Three kids, a full time job, a football coach for a husband, dance, gymnastics, daycare....all of these things make for a busy life. This busy life needs as much organization as possible.

What are the best things you have done to help organize your life? Do you have some "must-dos" for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, it would probably be a lot easier to do this if I would stop "pinning" ways to get organized and actually get started getting organized.

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KBass said...

And more importantly...don't forget that you will be teaching MY CHILD! LOL. Can't wait to see how the classroom turns out.