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let her whole existence be determined by her
cute little munchkins, yet continues to be drawn
in by the adorable and sometimes annoying tiny people!

Monday, October 10, 2011

These Kids Are Driving Me Crazy

We are on blessed Fall Break. Not along one. Just 4 days (including the weekend). But still, it is so nice to know that we don't have to go to school for a few days.

This is a great thing for so many reasons, including the fact that I just needed a break. But also because I am at the end of my Educational Specialist Degree and my research study is coming to an end, which requires me to do a mountain of work (probably means I need to stop blogging and get started!)

However, Fall Break is something that could cause me to go off of the deep end because These Kids Are Driving Me Crazy! My oldest girls have always gotten along well, almost to the point where I felt a sense of pride when people asked me if they got along. This has not been the case lately.

In fact at this exact moment, they have already been banned from playing 3 different things because all they did was fuss about the music or the crayons or the blocks! I can now hear my 4 year old sitting outside my 7 year old's room crying because "Aubeee won't let me pay wiv her!" And she just yelled, "Bad Girl!" through the door at her! (I am quite sure that showed her!)

They are driving me to the point that I am thinking of running far, far, far away...or at least to the nearest nail salon for a pedicure. How can 2 kids who profess their love for each other all the time be so mean to each other. I know why! Because they have spent entirely too much time together over the last 3 days.

Therefore, I think I will have to change my intro statement from Blessed Fall Break to Dreaded Fall Break because These Kids Are Driving Me Crazy!


Natalie said...

They are just loving each other extra hard today! Good luck surviving the Fall break. Remember Winter break is right around the corner.

Christy Lee said...

Ah yes! I understand these times! I am the mother of 6 so fighting is a way of life around my house, especially during school breaks! Good luck and thanks for joining the Meaningful Monday voiceBoks Hop!

beth said...

Sounds like they need special one-on-one time with mommy! lol We all need our space and time alone...I hope they get it quick to save your sanity!

Sarah said...

Aw, hang in there Mommy! We can love our kids without loving every minute we spend with them!
Sarah @ made in usa challenge

lisa said...

LOL This reminds me of my best friend and I. I was an only child and she only had 2 older brothers that were 4+ years older than her (meaning they wanted nothing to do with her lol), so we played together ALL THE TIME. Which also meant we fought like sisters. We even didn't talk for a whole year. It just meant (like you said) we were spending WAY too much time with each other. It got so much better when we moved and her and I went to different high schools. We learned to appreciate each other once more and have now been best friends for 32 years and counting. So hang in there! Hopefully school starts back soon and the girls will be back to their normal selves! *hugs*

P.S. Thanks for linking to the Meaningful Monday blog hop! :)

Jessica said...

I completely understand. I always look forward to school breaks. A chance to sleep in and do some crafts or just relax... Then the first morning rolls around and they are all going mad! We always get through it though, don't we? I hope your break turns out fantastic! Hang in there.