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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Totally Counts

As someone who completely despises exercise and thinks that anyone who likes to do it is crazy and glutton for punishment, I try to find things that Totally Count as exercise. Now please be forewarned. This could be controversial, yet it makes me and, hopefully, the millions of other lazy people out there feel better about ourselves and our lack of physical activity.

Here is my list of things that totally count as working out:

1. Putting on work out clothes totally counts as working out. Just the thought and effort it takes to wiggle into that sports bra as
my head gets caught in it with my arms and boobs sticking out totally counts as exercise. Hey! That takes a lot of effort and apparently brings
about a lot of laughing when my children or husband come in and see me stumbling around trying to get the sports bra down!

2. Driving past the gym. Okay you might not have realized you were going that way, but you suddenly find yourself driving past the gym. This
totally counts as working out. I mean, it takes effort to drive pass the gym and not stop (bahahaha). Plus, if you are still wearing your work out gear it counts double.

3. Going to Wal-Mart in your work out clothes totally counts as working out. You can up this work out by parking further out in the parking lot,
speed walking as you stock your cart, and loading and unloading your groceries. And if you are fighting with your children the whole time about
what you will and will not add to your cart then you are totally burning more calories!

4. Wearing Shape Up or Tone Up shoes totally count as working out.
I know the first week I had my Sketcher Tone Ups my thighs and bum hurt just from wearing them to work. So if wearing these shoes causes me to be sore and hurt then I quite sure that it totally counts as working out!

5. Having sex totally counts as working out. Not only is it a proven calorie burner, but the effort it takes just to get started is a serious work out. I am not being dirty here and talking about foreplay. I am talking about how exhausted and stressed out you are, and how the thought of doing anything else is the last thing on your mind. We all know what it is like to be a mother. It is not that you don't want to because you do. It is just that it takes so much effort and so much energy of which you have very little. So when you have it, it totally counts!

So am I advocating not exercising? No! You can't lose weight without exercising, and I am all about trying to lose weight. But it is good to know some things totally count as working out....even if it is only in my mind!


Mommy Bags said...

This so funny. I love number 5

Theresa said...

I agree!! Unfortunately, if you look at me, you can tell that I hate exercising!!

Note Cards and Photos by Theresa

Kathy said...

You forgot to count the exercise of carrying three children around all day, or the calories burned by bringing the fork to your mouth!!! Great list Liz!! Great to see your blog growing, it's just great!!

Shannon Milholland said...

This is a total crack-up. I completely counting all these things as workouts from now on!

Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass said...

lol, this was great! I swear - going to Walmart - with a two year old! - is the biggest workout ever. Seriously, I think I'm sweating when I leave more times than not! Ew, right? lol.

Hope you're having a good week! :)

Sarah said...

Haha, I play this game with myself too! I also say chasing after your kid all day counts as a full on aerobic workout! Oh, and housework for sure!

Becky Jane said...

Shopping with kids id definitely workout material!

I would also add doing the laundry (especially trying to find the missing sock) and sitting on the couch watching the kids run wild counts as extreme exercise!

jessicaclarke said...

Love this post, too funny